Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Sat down gonna tell a story...Instead I tossed snake eyes..not once but two days running..Promised a story and got it run through my mind..or what's left of it..drew a blank..seems that happens much more these days..Good thing is I can laugh about it..

Had a few things on my mind that I needed..What I really needed couldn't be had..This ain't Kansas Dorthy and with enough green in my pocket for a pack of smokes, tank of gas and greasy burger that wasn't happening..So you do the next best thing,,,kick her over..bang a gear head down to the local pit stop, pump Ethel and grab a box of cancer sticks,,Head for the grade..

Now Boyd's Grade is mine since the dirty one ran off to Utah and joined his sheet metal cult it made me the king..on todays ride it worked out good..was in no mood to be avoiding his slow ass on the way up..Been 2 years since I passed a car on the grade but I still suck air and get aware flying through those blind curves..but with living large and eating greasy in my near future I turned the throttle back a little tighter..It brought back memories..

About 30 years ago, this old Shovelhead was shiny red and new..I knoe everything at the time..and was one bad mother biker until I meet a biker..Same place,,same bike just a couple of decades later I was making the same ride..I remember pulling up to the bar that day..hitching up my new Hein Grecike chaps as I bellied up to the bar..There sitting beside me was this grizzled old son of a bitch..hell he had to be 35 or so..washed up a tired looking...I had a beer and a shot then another..I said something to the old timer..don't remember what it was but I am sure it fell into the inappropriate category..He eyeballed me and laughed..Now laughing at a bad man is a mistake..I made a point of making that point clear..He smiled and said lets go outside..

Now being a smart bad mofo..I let him go first..wanna see every we stepped out the door the old timer with lighting speed and agility had his hand on my throat and me pinned to the wall..never saw it coming..he leaned his ugly old mug, bad breath and broken teeth the right up close and sorta whispered "you got choices boy..Get on that ugly red thing of yours and hit the road, get your ass stomped or come back in, be civil and buy me a beer..

Well I wasn't ready to put my tail between my legs..anymore than it was already that is..Pretty easy to decide the ass beating was not an options so I dug out my wallet and bought him a beer..6 or 8 if I remember right..Wally you ugly old timer..I learned more about being a biker in those few seconds than I had in years,,thank you friend..and Sunshine..this one was all yours..and the burgers at the end of the road were still greasy..damn..


Arizona Harley Dude said...

Story worth retelling for sure Rat. I'm guessing most of us have a similiar on to tellif we were honest.

Willy D said...

Damn, that’s strange. Thursday was my Shovels birthday. They could of leaked oil on the assembly line together. 35 was a old man?