Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Need Help Identifying a Part

I Know its off a FatBob Tank but what bloody year

this is going to be heavily modified to take a centre switch 

under normal circumstances there would be 4 plastic lens for the indicators , neutral an Oil , these have been removed to mount mini switches 

i need to know what year this is off as it needs a new rubber for the base of the dashmount to stop it scratching the Tank 

any idea's please ?

i would've taken it to the local stealership but i reckon it maybe older than the blokes serving parts behind the counter anything pre-2000 causes him much head scratching



ratone said...

Measure it wide part, narrow part and end to end for me..Another solution could be a cat's eye kit..good looking speed, dash plate and gasket..I can get one for a good price. I will try and find a picture for you..

Pug said...

thanks for the offer of a alrernative part i'd prefer to keep this one as it fits the speedo unit whis as you know is 5 inches plus it'll look right with the 4 mini buttons i'll be using for the electrics .measurements are 10 inches long by 5 1/4 at the widest by 2 3/4 at the narrowest end

ratone said...

I am headed to the shop right now..I will see what we can end gaskets for the shovel..

Pug said...

uh oh yer stripping yer motor again huh

spent a good few hours today rewiring the turn signals and checking things over got the FXR's Yearly Inspection due next month need the Ticket as i'll be borrowing the Reg an Numbers for the Project when it's built

Eventuall aim is to get anutha Harley Frame an Title and use that ,till then the poor ol FXR is being used an abused

ratone said...

Rocker boxes were leaking and changing the oil pressure load spring..HP shit gives it more pressure equalling more leaks. I will have your housing info in the morning..gasket will run 25.00 or so..I can get it and send it with the speedo..

ratone said...

Pug,,good news and bad news..the dash panel is aftermarket..good news is the rubber mounting strip is the same size..$4...I will get one and toss it in the you have the lower plate????

Pug said...

ok that's fine don't worry about the lower plate as i need to make up mounts from scratch anyhow as the Dashmount wasn't meant to have a Centre Mount Ignition switch but i know a man with a Big Drill lmao thanks for the help much appreciated