Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In Memory of Danny Shlingloff

Rolled in from a great birthday party last night,,I want more cake..Did my in house stuff and walked out to check the mail..Danny's son came walking down the street, walked up and reached out his hand then gave me a bike hug..Danny passed away this morning..damn..

I meet Danny ten years or so ago..He bought a place down the street from me. Didn't pay much attention at first, then one Saturday morning I see him kicking and cussing an old Ironhead chopped sporty..Old Schooler ride and it ain't playing the game..I walked down to see what was up..I meet Danny that day..He was trying to start the bike so he could sell it..back was bad and kicking it hurt like hell..I still remember his words..Me and her been through the shit, twenty years I have rode her..I can't do it anymore and looking at her just sitting here makes me sick..I hate to do it but I have to for me and for her..We spent the best part of Saturday morning starting the bike and joking and smoking..

Over the years we became friends..he loved bikes and road stories..anytime I was working in the shop and would fire up a bike he would wonder over and pull up a chair..don't think I ever saw him without a beer in one hand and a smoke in the other..

Life had been tough the last few months..back and knee surgeries..being down is hard for one who didn't know the meaning..takes your spirit away he told me a few weeks back..Your free now my friend,,ride the wind..I will miss ya..


mq01 said...

you'll share all the roads with us as we roll on .. ride in peace danny

atomicbomb said...

RIP Danny

"Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another."
Ernest Hemingway

Some men are fortunate enough to have lived a life in which they did ride.