Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Creed...for you Sunshine..

In our youth when we are less weary of the world and the people in it friends are plenty. As you pass through youth and find life happens the circle of friends becomes smaller..Being a loner by both choice and lifestyle my circle has become, death, marriage and jobs..all things we would like to think we control but truly only have a small say in them change us..We grow, move and change..ether by choice or by circumstance..

Being a biker and living the lifestyle makes the circle even smaller.I have frends who don't ride..I have brothers and sister who do..Those who have never experienced Biker can never understand what a Harley, a road and the freedom they bring can do mind, body and soul..

There is a difference between a friend and Brother or Sister..not in blood but in life..The creed, unspoken words between fellow riders..I'll be there for you..Motor oil for the soul, Laughing, loving, standing with, Be there for, not questioning only supporting..Wisdom, understanding only gained from the road.. As we get older the circle gets smaller..Trusting in and opening up becomes more guarded..It's been many years since I was given the chance to welcome a new friend into my circle..Someone who understands the creed..who will be there when you need them and kick your ass when it needed..I have been lucky..

To my Sister, friend and confidant..who has stood beside me, reached out to me and had my back..Covered the bases and did the footwork while I was unable..or unwilling without ever questioning..Who's firm ways have given guidance..who's ass kicking no matter how painful were deserved..In such a short time you have given more than many in a lifetime..

There is no repayment plan for friendship..there is only the hope that I can carry on with the strength, courage and will you have given me...To be there for you just as you were for me..

Te amo. .thanks para ser en mi vida.


mq01 said...

besos y se abraza, gracias amor

ratone said...

sus demasiado dulces para una rata vieja como mí. .big mojaron besos también usted mi amor.

ratone said...

Sunrise,sunset,desert flowers,cactus,in and out and the wind..I feel the need..