Friday, January 30, 2009

Dirty Ernie..

Here is hoping your dumb ass can figure out how to log on to the BON..It's a hoot,,wannabe haven and that old ugly panhead might make you some friends..

I meet Dirty Ernie a couple of weeks after I got out of the Army..1980 at a small automated box building machine mfg. Has was the mechanic and company bad ass. Low rider, low life, tattoos, ugly fuck'n beard..hey it got better bro..not..and bad breathe,,just adding that to make you look a little more bad ass. Drove a 70 impala, wire wheels, hydraulics and some ugly ass opra windows.. Still has it..Well we did the rooster thing with each other for a couple of weeks,,scratching sand and eye ball'n..

So my first payday comes around and the Dirty one walks up and informs me "Hey Bro I got a bike wanna ride and get a beer" well if I wanted to get to work in those day's a rode..Had two Harley's and no like a dumb ass I say sure..I follow him to his ghetto abode and low and behold there sits the uglies 58 pan you would ever see. My first though is it's a parts bike..he gone roll one out of the house..No he toss's the key in the pan..winds it a couple of times, switches her on and fires the first time..didn't sound half bad..Well we go riding, the local joints,,the backdoor, bombshellter,,and the local titty the end of the night my new bud had reached his goal..the asshole drank all but $20.00 of my paycheck..

Well we did the same thing every two weeks for a couple of years and just like most things in life at some point you move on..I changed jobs and caught up with Dirty Ernie from time to time..One thing we did was New Years for 10 or 12 years..and that dried up..last year we did it again for the first time and enjoyed the hell out of it,,stories left a whole bunch of people shaking there heads and wondering why we were still alive..

I hadn't heard from the Dirty Jerk this year and tried to call him a week or so ago..phones turned off..was going to go by his place but never found the time..Last night I hear a rattling, coughing, sputter Harley coming down the street about 9:30..There it is, the Dirty one with another old buddy riding bitch sitting in the drive way..Well shit, get dressed, hugs around,,light the fire pit,,tell lies..None of us drink much anymore,,but we share a couple of fingers of Clan McGregor and a cigars by the fire..not long after the gun fire dies down I hear the got go bro and off they ride..

Ernie, this is for you..thanks for the memories brother..Happy New Year to you..Happy New Year to all..

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mq01 said...

gotta love friends like matter how long time goes by they are always with us somehow.