Friday, January 30, 2009

BON for Dummy's

Two assholes walk into a bar, the first asshole asks what do you want to drink. The second asshole Say's ask me that again and I will block you..From down the bar the barkeep yell "Hey you two assholes knock it or I will block both of you"...

The band stops playing to message each other and then they start a blog about the two asshole who walk in the bar..They have never meet them before but can quickly write a real life history..The drummer private messages the rest of the crowd..

Half the crowd falls for the blog, the other half can't read and post messages off craiglist. Five people are so upset they write blogs about it and are going to leave the bar..two of the quitters get allot of sympathy...

Now by this time the first two guys had started talking about motorcycles..the barkeep chimed in along with a burro and a couple of other furry beasts..Now this infuriates the half the crowd and part of the band because even thought this is a biker bar how dare you talk about motorcycles..So they do a group only four really do it because the rest like to lurk and then report back when they can..

Now half the quitters had quit but half come back..That 2,5 for those who lack math of the quitters must of been two people. .The strippers who had all used fake pictures to get the job came out but the bikers the few in the crowd of many didn't care...The band having blocked so many were all playing but all you could hear was the banjo..But the band played on and that was all that mattered..

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mq01 said...

i have to admit, i needed this "bon for dummies", now i understand.... :)