Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When Shovelheads attack....

In 1966 the gods of Harley Davidson introduced the Shovelhead..

Now Shovelheads were mean little mothers..loved the taste of Honda's..Triumphs... and other hot machines of the day..Had a couple of years of munching everything and anything in sight then as the hostility built along came AMF..You know what that stands for boy's and girls..Class and integrity go out the window,,

So AMF who were well know for there bowling ball but no balls set out to change the image of the name..and they did just not quite the way they had planned..The dirty greasy bike image that most of us enjoy was to be gone..They planned to bring Harley to the mainstream scumbags..away from the brand loving true scumbags..Well with their lacking skills at anything other than building golf clubs and penis rackets...I meant tennis silly people..

Everything imploded..Quality went even farther down the tubes..The oil never started to seep...it just ran..the first few years were a disaster..but those who had the addiction stayed true..We wade through the oil puddles to remain true..

So I have had Panheads, Evo's..Sporty's..never had a Knucklehead but dated a couple and worked with many...and in 1981 Willy G..made the move, kick the brand back to life then did away with the Kicker..He stayed true to the brand and still managed to bring in the crowd AMF craved...and did away with the oil leaks..vibrations and funky seats..well in some cases..The bottom line to the history of the Shovel..I can related..We can argue what the best motor is, or the best design..All I know is the best days of my life were the times I was attacked by a Shovelhead...

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Mr. Motorcycle said...

Fucking sweet. I love em all. It's part of history in the making.