Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Damn, would have never thought I would be sitting here staring at my first chance to join AARP..good discounts but man just the thought brought on wrinkles...and gas..Funny how the package arrived yesterday..LOL,,,,Some some thoughts of a half a century...

John F. Kennedy was elected president on the day I was born..I didn't vote for him and kept Mom and Dad from doing the same..I took my time..one of the few times in life I didn't rush in..

Went to my first Giants game when I was four..don't remember it but congratulations to the Giants long time coming...

The 1960's were a blur..remember watching the news with dad..the war both here and abroad..our country was in turmoil..riots and such..I do remember driving through Watts after the riots there..my first trip to Disney land..

The 1970's..ya..the teen years..did good in school, played sports then one day I stumbled into the first sweetheart..the first motorcycle..the first sip of beer...the first joint and life was never the same..Let the wild ride begin...First Harley..1964 Panhead..never looked back..US Army..best thing I ever did..

The 80's..Pretty much started with my first ride..I mean 3 months on the road,,Cali, Arizona, Texas..ending in the land of oz..snow and cold..brief history between parting and stopping parting I made it to Florida a few times..rode the shrimp boats..Rode from Ft.Meyer Beach to Vancouver BC..for the worlds fair..just because..Got maried, got unmarried..Got drunk and got sober...made choices..most worked out..

The 90's..never figured on getting this far..so I put some effort into them..good jobs, stability, picket fences.. Credit card debit..boredom..didn't ride much...grew up or tried..found out success and happiness don't always go hand in hand..spent more time riding..moved away from corporate America..

The 2000's..who would have figured the computers didn't crash..started on a roll..turned into a roller coaster..have enjoyed the last ten years for all the good and bad..rode lot's more..been on top and near the bottom..got older and acted younger..Other than the hair and diet not much has changed..some little known facts..

I know far less today than when I was 18...and it's a good thing..

Road bugs still taste the same..just easier to digest..

Have learned it is sometimes better to shut up..have not learned how to use my new found skill..

No matter what the doctors say's..greasy burgers come before healthy salads..

The best things in life tend to get away..that's life..

Getting old is all a state of mind..and I lost that years ago..see ya in 2060...


IHG said...

Happy Birthday!! Great month to be born in. Mine is tomorrow...same day as the Marine Corp. How freaking cool is that shit? lol Hope you had a super amazing day and enjoyed something you love to do like RIDE! :) Sounds like you've had an amazing life so far and I wish for you another 50 more! :)

Willy D said...

AARP – been getting their stuff for the last two years. What I want to know is who in the hell is selling them info with my DOB on it?

FLHX_Dave said...

My favorite bit out of this whole thing. "I know far less today than when I was 18...and it's a good thing.."

Amen to that!....now, if I could go back to 18 with the knowledge I have now then I could rule the world. You couldn't pay me to go back if I had to learn it all over again.

Happy Fiddy